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Jean Emberton Interview Clip 02

Miss McIntosh's proper personality and secret nickname among the children, Tosh.

Jean Emberton Interview Clip 01

Remembering her father's friendship with Edith McIntosh, piano recitals with her two brothers, and playing with the static electricity from the basement level carpeting.

James Hennig Interview Clip 05

Growing up near the Edith McIntosh School of Music.

James Hennig Interview Clip 04

Living in a former music school.

James Hennig Interview Clip 03

Changing uses over time of the basement of the former Music Center.

James Hennig Interview Clip 02

Changing uses over time of the second floor of the former Music Center.

James Hennig Interview Clip 01

First impressions of the former music school building when it was purchased in 1978.

Program for Student Recital at the Music Center


Program I Duo—Two Waltzes E major and A flat major Virginia Bassford
Etude Melodique
Virginia Bassford III
To Spring
Brahms-Hughes Jane Vlymen
Raff Grieg
Jane Vlymen IV Ballade in D minor Brahms Intermezzo, Op. 119, No. 1 Brahms…

Program for Student Recital at the Music Center


Program Program
Duo—Minuet, Op. 49, No. 2 Beethoven-Frothingham Buel Smith Edith McIntosh
Fur Elise Beethoven Denise Shafter
Duo—Solfeggietto Bach-Frothing/tam Natalie Hess Edith McIntosh
Berceuse from Jocelyn Godard Dallas Tuthill Erna…

Program for Student Recital at the Music Center


Program Program
Duo—March Militaire Schubert Duo—Sicilienne Bach-Maier Joan Cullen Irma Harter Maria Gaillard John Gaillard
Barcarolle Sailor's Song Gavotte
Joan Hoffman Buel Smith Jean Andrews Erna Luetscher at the piano
In the Church Knight…

Program for Student Recital at the Music Center


Duo—Sonatina in G major Moderato—Romanze Second piano part arranged by Frothingham Ruth Ostrander Edith McIntosh
Adieu to the Piano • Beethoven Virginia Bassford
Minuet in G minor Bach Dallas Tuthill Erna Luetscher at the…

Program for Student Recital at the Music Center


In Robert Schumann (1810-1865) we find the greatest genius and the most fascinating personality of the Romantic School. His KINDER-SCENEN OP. 15 (SCENES FROM CHILDHOOD) belong to his early period…

Program for Student Recital at the Music Center


Program Program
Duo—Wood Nymph's Harp Rea-Carter Ronald Goerler Edith McIntosh Sonatina in F major Beethoven Adrienne Gessner Fairy's Dream Robinson Gloria Pflugfelder Tender Flower Burgmueller Jean Emberton Duo—Solfeggietto Bach-Frothingham George…

Letter from Edith McIntosh to Jean Emberton

A note from Edith McIntosh to Jean Emberton which reads, "We shall count it an insult to our dignity if you do not come in today!!! E. F McIntosh." The note is written on paper with the Music Center's letterhead.

Certificate of Attainment - Intermediate Department

The Edith McIntosh School of Music - This certifies that Jean A. Emberton has satisfactorily completed the Course of Study prescribed for the Intermediate Department and is therefore awarded this Certificate of Attainment Given at the Music Center,…

Newspaper Clipping


Rockville Centre - The Edith McIntosh School of Music at 48 Hillside Ave, Rockville Centre will begin its 56th year of teaching when it opens for the fall term Sept 2. The school was founded in1920 by Edith F. McIntosh, a young pianist whose musical…

Newspaper Clipping


l^tth Mcintosh, Okedor of the Edith Mdntosh School ot Mus!c
In RocliviUa Centra and Marion Bwincnnna/Diroetor of .the Bann
^ «D Hnif SCIK^ In ^mpstead, re^oll^ retmied froio tnmitwr
vacations in Birt^.
MIssM^lbtosh, aailiag on Queen Maty on…

Newspaper Clipping


Recently, Edith Mcintosh, Director of the Edith„McIntosh School
ol Music in RockvlUe Centre, and Marion BannermSh, head of her
Harp Studios-in Hempstead,^ completed another summer of travel
Miss Mcintosh sailed on the Queen Elizabeth…

Newspaper Clipping


Edith Mcintosh, Director of the Sdith Mcintosh School of Music
Jti RQckvia& Centre,, and Marion Bannerman, head o£ her own Harp
atudio m Heippstead,. returned, last week, Irom a tour of several
.'ountri^ot the Far East. ', :
Taking off by Pan Am…

Newspaper Clipping


Rex, Glen and Kim Hongtho 9, U and 12 year oldsonsof Mr.
Mrs. Leon Hong of 29 Cottage St., Preoport, will be.presented
lllic first American performance of a Two-piano piece tor Twelve
nds, wrjlten by Joyce Edlngton, English Composer, at two…