Program for South Side High School Varsity Basketball Games, Newspaper Clipping



Program for South Side High School Varsity Basketball Games, Newspaper Clipping


A program for the 1940-1941 season South Side High School Varsity basketball games. The program lists the team plays, songs and cheers, sponsors of the South Side Boosters, and advertisements for local businesses. A newspaper clipping, "The Talk of Southside."




South Side High School
The Long Island News and The Owl


Jean Colley Scrapbook. The Phillips House Museum, Rockville Centre, NY.


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Spatial Coverage

Rockville Centre, NY


Not enoug h sp orts la st week , too
much this week.
Th e now-famed Cyclones have
played twice since you heard f rom
us la st. In the fir st game, against
Lynbrook, Auclley Brindley broke
away to score 21 points, and for
, the first time t his year, top the
high scoring honor s. The other
scorer s in success ion were, Downing
with 14, Gunther who bagged
12, Moll had 4, and Herby Veit
sunk 2. Together this all add ed
up to a 53 to 37 trouncin g an d a
t ota l of 9 straight wins.
The second game, on Tuesday
night, was more than a basketball
game. What it r eall y looked like
I wa s a three r ing circus, and we're
inclined to bel ieve it was one of
the fastest games that Lawrence
has ever watched in it s spacious
In the first ring we find littl e
"S hrimp" Downing speeding past
the L wre nce def ense, smashing
th e Lawrence offence and pa ssin g
an d breaking like nobody's business.
In the middle ring was Coulby
Gunther, and did he have fun!
"Slick" to ok every trick he ever
invented out of his hat, an d most
of them worked, enough at least ,
to ba g him 21 points, and that 's
plenty. He pa ssed behind him,
dribbled in hack of hi m, shot f r om
all ang les, and generall y played
havoc with the whole Lawrence
team. So much, in f act, th at the
man he was guarding was a mervous
wreck af ter the game. Coulby
wouldn't let him sh oot, he couldn't
pass, and even to hold on to the
ball was a task. At one time, when
he was searching f or a receiver, he
su ddenlv fo und himself with out the
bal l. Coulbv had to show it to him
to convince "him, anf } then while he
was trying to figu re it out, our hero J
slid past and before you could say I
two points, we had th em. .
In the last ring was " Brains" I
Brin ley, as slick a ball handler as I
ever took a f oul shot in a red an cl
blue uniform. The way Audle y
handles the ball the sp ecta tor begins
to think he is pla ying with a
volley ball, or maybe it' s only an
apple. At any ra te, the galle ries
would not have been the least bit
surprise d if he suddenly hid th e
ball complete ly f rom sight in th e
palm of his hand. With all this
superb passing and bale handling,
he can sink 'em to o. His net, 18
point s. The combined f orces of Owens
and Menken, meaning, of cour se,
th o Orchestra and Choral groups,
are putting on t he firs t publi c concert
tom orrow night with 1Iiss
Alice Owens as guest soloist. She
is th e si te l' of th e 57-piece orch estra's
condu ctor . South Side High School VARSITY BASKETBALL
SEASON 1940-41
Junior Va rsity Time 8 :00 P. M. Varsity Time 9 :15 P. M. ,
D:leci'or of Athletics Principal Head Coach
Date Team Referee
Dec. 6 Woodmer e Hebel I Dec. 13 Oceans ide Rau ppius
Dec. 20 Youngstown LaRue i I Jan. 10 Ohio Barasch
Lawre nce Burns
Jan. 17 Centr al LaRue - I Feb. 7 Lynbroo k Ran ppiu s
Feb. 21 Long Beach Rau ppiu s
Feb. 28 Baldwin Meyer i I AWAY
Date Team Referee
Jan. 24 Long Beach Burns
Jan. 25 Oceanside Hebel
Jan. 31 Ba ldwin Bcgovitch
FEb. 11 Lawr ence Ra upp ius
Feb. 14 Central IVlisa r
March 7 Ly nb rook Meyer
March 11 Section A and B South Shor e Playoffs
Mar'ch 14, 16, 21, Sect ional Tou rn am ent
This program ha s been made possible for t he patrons of Sout h Side High ~ i Sc hool Ba sk etball Games by th e diligent effor t fo th e four members of th e ij
~ Varsi t y Club. J ohn Dunn, Pres ident, Coulby Gunt he r, Robert Munroe and ~
~ Audley Brindley members. SOUTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL LINEUP

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