Newspaper Clippings



Newspaper Clippings


Three newspaper clippings, "The Talk of Southside," "Rita Beery is Injured in Fall" and "She Leads The Parade, Betty Ann Quaritius."




The Long Island News and The Owl


Jean Colley Scrapbook. The Phillips House Museum, Rockville Centre, NY.


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Spatial Coverage

Rockville Centre, NY


South Side holds something for
its old students which the rest of
the world seems to lack. Each year
we have a number of pupils back
for a post graduate course, not
always because they need it, but
sometimes they just can't seem ~o
teal' themselves away from their
deal' alma mater. Some come back
for sports, and there .a r e some ~ho
never leave the senior class Just
because they wouldn't know what
to do if they did. Most of them
return for the teams, the clubs, the
general social life of our school,
and a little more of Mrs. Gurth's
potato salad.
P.S. Those extra credits never
harm anyone.
Bob Walker opened his and our
first assembly last Wednesday, and
he did an excellent job. Our principal,
Mr. Wohlsen, gave one. ?f
his best speeches on school spirit,
containing many helpful suggestions
presented in an interesting
manner. Mr. Watson then gave a
fine talk, of which the main thought
was you only get out of a thing
what you put into it. The band
opened and closed the assembly
with a brisk, well executed march.
If we were to have a prettiest
girl of the week, the honor would
probably bestow itself on Carolyn
ross, but there are so many
beautiful girls in South Side we
will not venture to stick our necks
out with our choice.
The football team i shaping up
well for the opener on October 5,
One must not forget, no matter
how many games we win or lose,
the boys did their best. We corne
up against some mighty husky
teams with ' plenty of substitutes
this year, and comparing them
with South Side's squad, which
isn't overflowing with replace-]
ments, it's no joke. Billy Mills is
the biggest man in the Cyclone's
backfield, and he .is no giant. Our
line is a bit heavier this year
though, especially in the center. If
Treadwell Schmitt ever ' makes up
his mind to it, no one can move
him, much less run a play through
him. A week from tomorrow we
play East Rockavvay on their field.
'The team deserves all the support
we can give them, so let's all turn
We're glad to see you're still
reading this column after last
week. We apologize. . . Big Rill
Kreger is losing weight steadily.
jogging up and down Allen field
daily with the water bucket... The
lads on the soccer team are getting
color blind from those flashy uniforms...
Colby Gunther is out for
South Side's Carnora Club, under
the leadership of :.\h-..Johnson, has
steadily risen in po pularity since
it started. In its three years of
existence it has rome from eight
members to this year's 25 camera
bugs, presided over by their presi(
lent, Bob Mount, Thev turn out
plenty of work, much' of which
goes into the year book, and run a
vontest every month. Watch for
them in the headlines this year Rita Beery is
Injured in Fall
Miss Rita Beery of Lexington
avenue, a student at South Side
High School, suffered a fracture of
the left forearm when she was
thrown from a horse in Hempstead
Lake State Park Saturday afteroon.
Rita was riding with four
classmates and a groom when her
mount threw her. She was taken
:0 Meadowbrook Hospital ,by state
troopers who were called to the
scene, and was returned to her
home on Tuesday. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Beery. Bettv Ann Quaritius, drum ma.lo -ctte of Oceanside hieh
school. i~ shown in action at the football ~l~augural, lca~ing the
school band acruss the gridiron. Miss Quanhus performs 111 front
of the band dir ctcd by James R. Dav, and lead a corps of baton
t virl rs and flag throwers.

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