Newspaper Clippings



Newspaper Clippings


Two newspaper clippings, "The Talk of Southside," and "Putting Their Best Foot Forward."




The Long Island News and The Owl


Jean Colley Scrapbook. The Phillips House Museum, Rockville Centre, NY.


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Spatial Coverage

Rockville Centre, NY


Rockaway, on their field, should schools.
prove a thriller. Both teams have
a n equal chance, but South Side's D' k K - t . 1 .
line looks t he stronger. According IC re er 1S t,,~e fiercest lad
to last week's scrimmage, Dick Ion Allen field. '... ~ he McMullens
Kreter is doing much of the r un- arne already odds on Colgate.
ming and passing, and also the 0 e would thmk they owned the
~ }r a i n work. The Cvclones seem to
;be using more brain than brawn
this season, so keep your eyes
peeled, The kickoff is at 2 :30
sharp, and Coaches Guyer and
Blanchette, along with the team,
s hould be well repaid for their
w ork with a rec ord attendance.
Here's the line-up of drum majorettes and
band leader for outh ide high chool's marching
musical organization, as it makes ready to
perform at the outh Side-Malverne football
game, tomorro v, The game will be the fir t home
contest for South Side, and the baton twirler
are in fine hape, Left to right, they are: Dorothy
Grandin, Hazel Gast, Maril~' Candidu,
Isabel Schroed r and Allen Dill.
Re lew-Star Photograp eo!'
Pu ting Th Best
Coach Ottman has been loaded
d own with hard luck this season',
h aving not enough men for even
:two full teams. The first two socc
e r games were rained out, and
(th er efore we open against the
h ardest foe on our schedule, namely,
Sea Cliff: The team is very
optimistic though, because 11 of
t h 16 men on the squad are letter
men. one of those will return
mext year. A little support would
give the team a lot more spirit,
e ven though it is unusually high
t his year. .
or a bunch of non-vot ers, the
:p itical buttons sure do pred orna:
te the fall f ad . The prize for
o ri gi na lit y g oes to Mor tv Sh or wi th
hh "Draft Hoover" pin on one
l a el and "McKinlev for President"
10 the other. Ju. t as long as Mr s.
K ing doesn't see a Willkie button,
n or Mrs. Sloane a Ro osevelt pin,
;the wearers are safe.
To make sure that all pupil can
ing- the Star Spangled Banner' in
(lUI' assemblies, the whole school
G1as been assig ed to learn it . That
an y ex plain the origin of those
ij)eaut iful tones swelling throug h
the halls from Mr . Rose's history
class, This sud den splurge of pa triotism
i timely and it's a shame
l3.11 our citizens can't he given the
same assignment.
Each week we will attempt to
give you an idea of the various
dubs functioning in South Side.
['his week it's the dramatic club.
, ince 1927, when it started, "The Tha lia ns " ave steadily advanced
t o the point where, today it is an
e ergetic or-zanization with ' 46
members, headed by officers Ruth
La Bounty, Patty Ann Mill er , a nd
Dewitt Reinecke. Miss Vi r gilyn A.
Nic kerson ably acts a s their advisor
an d play direc tor. This group
of bud ding actors and actresses
produces three plays a year, namely,
the annual Thalian play, the
Christmas play, and the Tournament
play. The latter is staged
Tomorrow's game with East each year in competition with other place ... Charley Richards loses
a pound a mile in that der by -racer
of his ... Mr. Rose's motto, "Be
Definite," ha been hanging in . his
homeroom ever since he came to
Sout h Side ... Bill Kreger, former
water boy, has changed uniforms
and is now working out -with the

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