Invitation and Program for Musicale by the South Shore Chapter of Hadassah, Program for Student Recital, Newspaper Clippings



Invitation and Program for Musicale by the South Shore Chapter of Hadassah, Program for Student Recital, Newspaper Clippings


An invitation and program for a Musicale by the South Shore Chapter of Hadassah, a program for a student recital at the Edith McIntosh School of Music, and newspaper clippings, "McIntosh Students Present Recital," and "Pupils Give Recital."




South Shore Chapter of Hadassah
Edith McIntosh


The Music Center Scrapbook. Private Collection.


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Rockville Centre, NY


!McIntosh Students Present Recital
The Edith McIntosh- School of Music offered its first student re-cital of the season at its music center on Hillside avenue last Sun-day afternoon before a large and appreciative audience. Piano, vio-lin, cello, and harp students ap-peared in solo and ensemble num-bers. Those on the program were: Robert Tucker, Edwin Rodger, Ray Miller, Quentin Hull, Joan Roos, Frank Talbot, Benjamin Berman, Marion Mansfield, Betty Hadfield, Rowena Colley, Emerson Hoyt, 1Leonard Calvert, John Quinn, Vir-ginia Hall, Leonore Pockman, Jean Gunther, Louise Cosenza, Eugenie - Miligi, Joan LeCompte, Lois Ban-nerman, and Jean Van Shute. Miss Phyllis Mansfield, Mrs. Erna Luet-scher, and Miss McIntosh took part as accompanists and in the two-piano numbers., The ushers were Janet DeMott, Jean Gunther, Jane Austin, and Margaret Scharnke, all members of Mrs. Nutzhorn's classes in so-cial training, a new addition to the curriculum at the school. Anuormrpmpnt. wn.s.made of the
1. Beethoven
ir5tubent Erritat
CIL, IMO iiir3ttio511 r1iuul of ustr
Sonata, Opus 30, No. 1
I. Allegro II. Adagio, molto expressivo III. Allegretto, con Variazioni DR. IRVING PINSLEY DR. ARTHUR A. SELZER
2. Verdi Caro Nome, (from the Opera, Rigoletto) Strauss Blue Danube RUTH STANLEY
3. Beethoven Symphony No. 4 Third and Fourth Movements For Piano - Four Hands
March of the Dwarfs
4. Bachmann Seville-Petite Suite Espagnole (For Two Violins and Piano) MR. JAMES T. HURLEY DR. IRVING PINSLEY DR. ARTHUR A. SELZER
5. Liszt Cowell Chopin
'Valdes Rauschen Tides of Manaunan Ballade, G Minor MIRIAM MANN
November Eighteenth Nineteen Thirty-Six
Trnirr Aurutte ?Quito 3slattb
turmbrr 22, 1g3.5 lark
Pup P1ilipSilsGioVfe tRehecitaEdlith McIntosh school of music were heard in the first of the season's student re-citals, Sunday afternoon, at the music Center, Hillside avenue, Rockville Centre. The school has added two members to its faculty, one with an entirely new depart-ment. Miss Irma Harter has joined the piano-teaching staff; and Lorena Robbins Nutzhorn is conducting classes in dramatics and public speaking, and a class in "social training." Members of this last claSs made their first appearance, Sunday, when the following acted as ushers: Miss Janet DeMott, Miss Jean Gunther, Miss Margaret Scharnke and Miss Jane Austen. The school is again featuring work at two pianos and several se, lections in. Sunday's program were examples of this field of study. The program opened with "Ecossaise" by Beethoven, played on two pianos by Robert Tucker and Edwin Rodger. Then followed "Penny Whistle" by Ray Miller, and "Wavelet" by Quentin. Hull, after which Joan Roos played a Bach "Minuet" with Miss Mc-Intosh at the second piano. Aft-er "The Violin'" by Frank Talbot, and "The Merry Farmer" by Benjamin Berman, Marion Mans-field, violin pupil of George Por-ter Smith, played the finale from "Concerto in. A Minor," by Ac-colay, Miss Phyllis Mansfield ;ac-companying her at the piano, Betty Hadfield played three movements of a Clementi-Timm "sonatina" with Mrs. Erna. Luet-scher of the teaching staff at the second piano. "Ballade," (Burg.- muller) by Marie James, was fol-PofiAatnhose.trjinlilgirs lowed by "Rondo. Op. 2, No. 1," by Rowena Colley, Mrs. Luetscher again appearing at the second closed the first half violin, Leonard Calvert, alEVnleretl, John Quinn, piano, opened the scoenlloH, and second half of the schedule. This was followed by "Siciliano," by Leonore Pockman; Schubert's "Scherzo in B flat," by Virginia Hall, and Debussy's "Claire') de liinc," played by Louise Cosenza. Emerson Hoyt, pupil of George Porter Smith, played the well-known "Meditation from Thais," accompanied at the piano by Miss McIntosh. After the adagio movement from Beethoven's "Moonlight sonata," by Jean Gun-ther, Virginia hall, pupil of George Porter Smith, played the waith and finale from "Scene de Ballet,' by deBeriot, with .Mesa Mansfield as accompanist. Eugenie Miligi played the Cho-pin "Polonaise in C sharp minor"; and Joan LeCompte, Grieg's "Nocturne" and "Butterfly." Lois Bannerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parry E. Bannerman of Hempstead. and pupil of her mother. who is associated with the McIntosh studios, played two harp selections

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