Program for Student Recital at the Music Center, Newspaper Clippings



Program for Student Recital at the Music Center, Newspaper Clippings


A program for a student recital at the Edith McIntosh Scool of Music, a newspaper clipping, "Music Students Heard In Recital: Enthusiastic Audience Greets Youngsters At McIntosh School," and a newspaper advertisement for dance classes by Jeanne Shibley.




Edith McIntosh


The Music Center Scrapbook. Private Collection.


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Spatial Coverage

Rockville Centre, NY


Student Recital
The Edith McIntosh School of Music
The Music Center
48 Hillside Avenue
Rockville centre, Long Island
Friday Evening, January 22, 1937
at eight o'clock
SPECIAL. DANCING CLASSES FOR ADULT AND PRIVATE GROUPS, CLUBS Mor.le,ilissi your dancing cind have a lot of fun at the same time. Get togetLior a group of your friends and have a dance class in one of our private studies in Freeport or Rockville Centre, your own home or club once a WCO:( under the personal direction of an expert. By doing so now, while the pre-season rates are in effect, you save 20%.. . . Miss Shibley will be happy to assist you in making your arrangements. For further information write or phone MISS JEANNE SHIBLEY 47 WOODBINE DRIVE, WEST, FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND PHONE FREEPORT 3192
JANUARY 23, 1937.
Enthusiastic Audience Greets Youngsters At McIntosh School
The usual enthusiastic audience of parents and friends attended the pupils recital, last night at the Edith McIntosh School of Music, Hillside avenue, Rockville Centre. Violin pupils of George Porter Smith, harp pupils of Marian Marsh Bannerman, and piano pu-s pils of the other members of the faculty appeared in an interesting program. The school is stressing I two-piano selections, using two of the Steinway grand pianos for this I work. Last night's program opened with such a number by Ruth Os-trander, with Miss McIntosh at the second piano. Ruth played the Clemnti-Timm "Sonatina in C Major." Another two-piano num-ber closed the first half of the pro-gram when Betty Blackford played "Sonatina in F Major", also by Clemnti-Timm, with Miss McIn-tosh again at the second piano. The two harpists were Patricia Moore and Janice Eppler. Pa-tricia played an English folk song, "Lavender's Blue" and "Holy Night", by Gruber. Janice played "Etude Melodique" by Hasselmans and "Soupir" by Tournier. Jean Price, violinist, played the Hauser "Cradle Song", with Miss McIn-tosh as her accompanist. Piano selections, as follows, completed the first half of the pro-gram: "Ballade" by Edwin Rodger; "The Swallow" by Norma White; "Hunting Song" by Janice Mac-Donald; "Confidence" by Robert Brown, and "Will o' the Wisp" by Robert Tucliock,,t a Luetincis of the and ty, opened the second half olculie program with "L'Avalanche" on the t\ o pianos. This was followed by the Nevin "Narcissus" by Doris Treb-ing; after which Carter Humphrey, violinist, played "Minuet in Olden Style" by Pottstock, with Miss Mc-Intosh at the piano. Three piano numbers followed: "Il Penseroso" by Billy Calvert; "Aragonaise" by Mildred Tebby, and "Under the Leaves" by Irene Fitzgerald. Jean Colley and Miss McIntosh then played "Minuet from Sonata Op. 49, No. 1" on the two pianos. Then followed: "May Night" by Olivette Galvin; MacDowell's "Scotch Poem' by Margaret Scharnke; after which Joan Le-Compte played the Bach "Concerto in D Minor", Miss McIntosh play-ing the reduced orchestral score on the second piano. After Men-delssohn's "Prelude in E Minor" played by Eugenie Miligi, the pro-gram closed with Moszkowski'S "Bolero" composed of Emerson Hoyt, vio)in; Leonard Calvert, cello, and John Quinn, piano.

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