An Era Goes By

Edith’s career is furthered by her completion of a Master of Arts degree from New York University in 1938, as well as extensive travel to Europe and beyond each summer to study with prominent musicians.

In addition, the North Shore Center of the Edith McIntosh School of Music opened in Port Washington in 1941, with Miss Irma Harter as the head teacher.


Edith branched out from her teaching duties again, this time to publish numerous music theory and practice books through Carl Fischer publishers, the first in 1937.

The school celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1956 with a concert by pianist Ernesto Berumen, who served as adjudicator at the music school for many years.

In 1975, The Leader featured an article noting that the McIntosh School of Music was beginning its 56th year of instruction. One year later, Edith passed away at her home in Oceanside on August 5, 1976. Her obituary was published in the Long Island News and the Owl.