Program for Student Recital at the Music Center, Newspaper Clippings



Program for Student Recital at the Music Center, Newspaper Clippings


A program for a student recital at the Edith McIntosh Scool of Music, and two newspaper clippings, "The Talk of Southside" and "Edith McIntosh to Play New Organ at Tonight's Recital."




Edith McIntosh
The Long Island News and The Owl


Jean Colley Scrapbook. The Phillips House Museum, Rockville Centre, NY.


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Spatial Coverage

Rockville Centre, NY



Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Tonight's the night. At eight o'clock tonight in our gymnasium, a mighty South Side basketball team will open the season against Woodmere, another South Shore top-ranking team. As the ball sails into the air be-tween the two centers, everyone will grow tense, for it will mark the opening of what promises to be a great basketball season. Rock-ville Centre will be holding its breath as Cony Gunther strains to get the tip-off. Whatever the outcome, we'll show Woo(11.ere that we're not only prcLO. -4 our basketball teams, but of our sportsmanship too.
Tomorrow night the Thalians will present the annual Christmas play, under the direction of Miss Nickerson. It's advertised as a dramatic, romantic, comedy, and from the looks of the coming at-tractions shown Tuesday in the as-sembly, it combines these three and plenty more. The plot is really a swell one, and we're sure the Thalians will put it over as well as they have in the past. The cast includes: Ruo. La Bounty, a swell actress helps provide the love interest, Dan Dob-son, who proved himself last year in "You Can't Take It With You"; Bob Pearsall who plays the part of a blushing explorer; Arthur Howe, 19th century love interest; Ed Powers, a really good actor provid-ing the comedy, and last but cer-tainly not least, Betty Dillon. You have probably seen posters of a play that held its world premier here, reading "featuring Betty Dil-lon, the Child Wonder." Yes, Betty is really going places, and she is at her best in the coming play, "All Thru the Night." The play starts at 8:30, but you'd better reserve your seats early be-cause there's going to be a crowd.
We devote space here to George W. Rounds, faculty member of South Side. Each year, Mr. Rounds accom-plishes two things other than his classes. He writes, directs, and stages the "Varsity Show," and he acts as faculty advisor to the "Tower," our year book, and as anyone can see, he does a wonder-ful job on both. The Varsity Show is always a
wonderful success (in rehearsal now), and the "Tower" is really something to be proud to own; so our hats are off to you, Mr. Rounds, keep up the good work!
Edith McIntosh to Play New Organ at Tonight's Recital
The new organ at The Edith Mc-Intosh School of Music will make its first appearance on the student recital program to be given at the Music Center tonight at 8 o'clock. Irma Harter of the faculty will play "Capriccio Brillante" for pi-ano and orchestra by Mendelssohn,. the orchestral part to be played on the organ by Edith McIntosh. The remainder of the program will comprise solo and ensemble numbers in piano, violin and harp.
THE EDITH McINTOSH SCHOOL OF MUSIC THE MUSIC CENTER 48 HILLSIDE AVENUE ROCKVILLE CENTRE. LONG ISLAND Friday Evening, December 6, 1940 at eight o'clock Warrior's Song Happy Farmer L'Avalanche
Etude Op. 47, No. 23
fragrant Fragrant
Jack Glass Marguerite Handy Sherman Moreland
Estelle Gray
Heller Second Mazurka Godard Ray Miller
Duo—Allegro from Sonata in C Mozart-Grieg Schumann Jean Emberton Edith McIntosh
Prelude in C sharp minor Rachmaninoff Heller Ruth Ostrander Allegro con brio from Sonata in D Haydn Frank Talbot Heller
Campfires Hoberg Behind the Barracks Salzedo Jane Ann Carpenter
Three Preludes, Op. 28, Nos. 7, 6, 20 Shirley Simmons
My Old Kentucky Home Foster Music Box Poenitz Elma Jane Abrams
Romance in D flat Sibelius Joan Blakely
Air de Ballet Moskowski Chopin Jean Colley
March of the Dwarfs Grieg Frank Jacoby
Duo—Moment Musical in F minor Schubert-Barth Ronald Goerler Edith McIntosh
Duo—Blue Danube Waltzes Strauss-Schultz-Evler-Chasins Mary Stuart Ruth Hinners
Prelude in G minor Capriccio brillante
Marguerite Holtz
Irma Harter Orchestral accompaniment at the organ Edith McIntosh
Rachinaminoff Mendelssohn

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