James Hennig Interview Clip 02


James Hennig Interview Clip 02


Changing uses over time of the second floor of the former Music Center.




James Hennig


Alyse Hennig


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Rockville Centre, NY




A: What about changes to the second floor?

J: The second floor we added the kitchen that was already prepared plumbing and electrical-wise, was prepared for a kitchen. We decided to install the small kitchen which still exists. The house was actually built for the upstairs to be two separate apartments.

A: Two apartments within the upstairs?

J: Within the upstairs by itself. And still to this day, the plumbing on the east end of the house, which would be an identical kitchen to what we put in on the west side of the house.

A: That is interesting. I did not know that. So the kitchen that’s currently on the west side of the house, would it be the mirror image room on the east, would be the kitchen?

J: Correct.

A: So then the two front rooms in the northeast and the northwest corners, those would have been a bedroom or a living space? How would it have been divided if it was a two family apartment in the upstairs?

J: Well each side had that room which probably would have been a bedroom. Each side had its own bathroom, still does, and the middle room potentially could have been a common living room for both.

A: Interesting. And there was always a side entrance, so anyone could have come in from that side entrance.

J: That was built original to the house, so there would be a separate entrance for the upstairs for two apartments.

A: Though from everything I’ve read, it seems like the upstairs was only used for music lessons.

J: As far as I know, it was only classrooms.

A: So it’s interesting that it was made to be apartments potentially, but never actually was until it was purchased in the 70s.

J: Well Edith McIntosh’s father built the house.

A: Yes, that I remember reading.

J: With the intention that she could live in it and operate a business out of it. So that’s probably why he did that. He built it himself.

A: But she didn’t end up living in it, of course. Not that we know of.

J: I don’t believe she ever did.

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