Newspaper Clippings



Newspaper Clippings


Three newspaper clippings, "The Talk of Southside," "Ten Chosen As Members National Honor Society" and "South Side Runs Up 46-22 Margin Over Oceanside, Rockville Centre Cagers Display Strong Offensive; Bag 2nd Straight."




The Long Island News and The Owl


Jean Colley Scrapbook. The Phillips House Museum, Rockville Centre, NY.


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Spatial Coverage

Rockville Centre, NY


tre turned out for our first
cetball game, and it was breath'
n g as Colby Gunther got the
from Harold Sammis of that
ting Woodmere five (Yes, the
e fe llow who playe d havoc with
football tearn.), and it bit its
whe n the South Sid e bunch
't ed to gradually lose that early
; when a t the half we were
g 16 t o 13, the t ownfolk were
!it with thoughts of defea t.
ut the ove r flowing a udience
rel ieved when, after Jut Moll
broken the spell with a long
, Colby Gunther sparked the
into the lead with some
t if ul playing and finall y led
1 t o a 33 to 29 victory.
:Iring- the course of t he game
y scored 17 points, all well
ed, to t op the scoring honors,
~ his closest rival, Jut Moll,
id 8. Then came Brindley with
d Downing with 2. Bennet
eit sc ored none, bu t they both
.d a swell game.
wou'r e the ne rvous type, you' d
r ge t plen ty of rest bef ore t owhet,
we meet Oceanside .
week they g-ave Baldwin a 28
trouncing and they're a team
an count on to put up a goo Tight" last Saturday in true
11 fashion . Because of some
good acting the play went
nicely... Ah, at last. We
Bill Mills is in love. But who
. lucky g'id ? Could it pose
Carolyn Cross? - Ain't
rand? . . . Her e's hoping
Monroe's kn ee gets better
no ugh fo r him to pl a y basthis
year. He broke i t in
r 's first foot ba ll game, you
Right now

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